SEO Assignments

There are very few writing assignments that make me shudder. Since the age of five, I’ve written short stories, newspaper columns, magazine articles, ad copy, photo captions and more. Despite this, I’m constantly a student. Frankly, you could master every rule in the English language but be a terrible writer. In my opinion, it isn’t how well you understand a language – it’s about continuously challenging yourself to use it differently.

Has a writing assignment ever arisen that felt – impossible? For me, writing 10,000 words is not nearly as difficult as writing a 500-word SEO article. I wish I were joking.

In my personal experience, SEO articles consist of writing 500-word explanations of items I don’t use or understand. Parakeet Cage Gyms and 3.7V 3800mAh 18650 Rechargeable Batteries are just two of the examples I have in my cache. Did I mention you have to use the exact search phrase (in the above example, Parakeet Cage Gyms or 3.7V 3800mAh 18650 Rechargeable Batteries) at least four times in a 500-word article in its exact order? For instance, you can’t describe Parakeet Cage Gyms as “Gyms for Parakeet Cage” or “Parakeet Gym” and have that count toward one of your four uses.

In a nutshell, the 500-word article is a long (sometimes disjointed) description of the item. Properly researching your keyword or phrase before you begin is incredibly important – you can’t fake your way through these. And leaving them awkward and disjointed won’t win you any favors with your client, so that’s not really an option when you get frustrated with how little information there is on these items. Interestingly enough, the Internet CAN lack insights. I was surprised, too.

Writing an SEO article, for me at least, is no picnic. Nonetheless, good SEO makes a HUGE difference (as you may be aware) when a company is looking to expand its audience. SEO helps raise your website or item in search results. Everyone wants that number 1 spot. According to the research, Rank #1 gets 36.4% of clicks while the #2 rank gets just 12.5% and the numbers get more dismal from there. There are plenty of job opportunities for individuals with strong SEO article portfolios because everyone wants their descriptions to take that #1 slot. Plus, taking on difficult assignments, I believe, help make me a better writer.

Want to practice? I’ve included a few SEO phrases below. Write 500 words on one or on all and feel free to post them below.

40000 Dogecoin

DIN Touch In-Dash Stereo Radio TV

Vintage Mid-Calf Lace Dress S-M

Garden Solar Lights


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