Kissing Comfort Goodbye

One thing that paralyzed me as a writer, for years, was the idea of sharing my work.


That’s a lie.

One thing that paralyzes me about being a writer (present tense) is the idea of sharing my work.

There are those who say writer’s block is simply a matter of severe anxiety. In some instances, I fully agree. This is one of those instances. In fact, the idea of sharing my work with the general public can send me into such terror that writing itself becomes impossible. After all, what could I possibly write that everyone will love?

The answer? Nothing.

I will never write something that everyone in the whole entire world loves and agrees with. It doesn’t happen for the Poet Laureate and it sure as hell won’t happen for me.

And actually, while we’re going down this road, let’s clarify further.

Not only will some people hate my writing to begin with. Some people that start out loving my writing will come to despise it.

Heck, even you’ve been there. Perhaps not with me, but with another creative.

Think of, for instance, that new song on the radio. Gosh, it’s really catchy. Every time it comes on, you can’t help but sing along. Then, a month or so in, it starts to feel a little old. By month three, you swear that radio stations are tracking your movements and only playing the song when you get into your car. Gah! YOU HATE THIS DAMN SONG, TURN IT OFF!

The reality of writing anything, and then sharing it, is that you will encounter a fair amount of criticism. Some immediate. Some down the road. But hey! You did something a lot of people are far too terrified to ever do. That includes your critics.

Criticism is made worse by the internet. The anonymity that haters today can have is rivaled by… nothing.

Frankly, you shouldn’t give a flying bird about any of it.

Being a writer – being an artist – being someone who creates – is reliant upon your ability to kiss comfort goodbye and just make.

And that is something both beautiful and unique about artists of every kind. This is art, my friend. This isn’t rocket science or brain surgery. This isn’t perfection. There is no right or wrong answer. This is expression. This is beauty. There is never complete comfort in the unknown.

We kiss comfort goodbye the moment we choose to create.

Is your inability to write caused by a lack of known factors? An inability to know and control the outcome?

I’m here to tell you that, that will never happen. As an artist, as a writer, you must release the anxieties that follow sharing your work with others. In doing so, you may find that your writer’s block falls a bit by the wayside, too.






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