The New Way To Publish (That No One Told You About)!

Self-publishing versus a traditional publishing house: what hasn’t been written about these rivals? Exactly. Even I spouted an opinion on why I choose the indie route. At least, for now.

Which is why rather than yakking on about traditional publishing versus self-publishing, the pros the cons and the blah, blah, blah, I’m going to tell you about a third way that receives very little coverage.

Now before you get too excited, pay attention. This third option isn’t the “magic bullet” everyone keeps searching for. If I had that, I wouldn’t be waking up to write and work and research well before my work inbox begins to ping. I’d be sitting pretty on a beach and the words “work inbox” wouldn’t be a part of my daily vocabulary. Despite this, it will be a relief to know that you’re no longer forced to choose between endless rejection letters and doing everything yourself.

What is the name of this glorious third option, you ask? I’ve simply dubbed it the “in between.” It’s that common ground between a traditional publishing house and your own blood, sweat and screams of frustration. You see, there are companies that make it their job to cater a variety of publishing services that fit your exact needs to you – the author.

As an example, you may love the cover work you designed yourself, but you could use some help with converting your files into ePub formatting. Perhaps you’re brilliant at rewriting sentences, but you could use a savvy bookkeeper. Starting to make sense? As with any service, different companies will offer you, the author, different resources. It really comes down to how much you want to spend and which company really fits your personality.

Are you hooked? Start shopping around. There’s a lot more info out there for you to consume. I’ll get you started with a few “in between” companies below.

Author Solutions is a Penguin Random House Company. If that’s not enough to make your heart flutter, know that their imprints include some huge names such as Balboa Press. While many reviewers claim that the company is incredibly aggressive toward authors, it shouldn’t deter you from considering them as an option. For just under $800 (which indie authors can spend on a great editor alone) you become published, get cover customization and you receive some basic marketing. Perks increase the more you’re able to spend.

Lucky Bat Books claims that they are leading the charge in a revolution to give writers what they need without taking royalties. Unique in that they offer services based on your needs, Lucky Bat Books approaches authors with a more a la carte approach. Menu items include editorial services, cover art, eBook conversion, legal and accounting help and more. Plus, authors keep 100% of proceeds if publishing on the Lucky Bat Books imprint. Finally, I just really like their name.

She Writes Press is an indie publishing company founded to serve members of She Writes. Unique in that they offer only a single package, She Writes appears to be focused on encouraging authors to take their hand and hold it every step of the way, which is hugely refreshing when you’re an entrepreneur. I mean, I forget what it is like to have someone on my side now and again, you know? If that package isn’t what you’re looking for or if you don’t have the funds to purchase it, She Writes offers additional individualized services outside the package such as editorial solutions, DIY marketing plans and experts for hire (web designers, cover designers and such).

And so fellow writers, don’t believe those who tell you that there are no more than two options available when you have a finished manuscript. These “in between” companies (and many others) are great ways to write exactly what you want to write without the hoopla (whatever that may mean for you) that comes with self-publishing and/or the perfectly pitched submission. As with most things in life, you simply have to look for opportunities where you’d like them to appear.



2 thoughts on “The New Way To Publish (That No One Told You About)!

  1. What a wealth of helpful information you have offered! I have just finished my book and although I am launching into a final edit I am looking at options for publishing. I am following your blog now and will refer back to this article. Thanks 🙂 Sharon


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